Our Story

Let us tell you how it all began !

rania youssef

I am Rania Youssef and I always define myself as a TEACHER. I have been teaching for so many years and I do love my job!

When I am asked why I love teaching, I usually answer by listing so many reasons. One of these reasons is that I love public speaking! I love being on stage speaking, telling stories and influencing others!

Out of the Passion to Profit community !

After being part of the Passion to Profit community, I came to realize that public/motivational speaking is one of the things I am passionate about! Since I am a teacher, who taught presentation skills so many times, I know how having a group of people presenting and giving feedback to each other is always an invaluable experience. Thus, I thought of doing the same and having a public/motivational speaking community where people speak, present and give talks and then get feedback from their peers.


No one taking the lead !

To take it into action, I posted an announcement on the Passion to profit Facebook group asking if people are interested to join this community! So many people responded and expressed how it is a great idea and showed their willingness to participate! However, I am a teacher and I know nothing but teaching. I don’t know how to market for events or how to get people to participate in public events. So, I asked many people to help me with this. Not many people were free to help nor have they the willingness to be responsible for this community!

Getting into action

And here came Fouad Nasseredin! Fouad is a Business Development Manager who is passionate about both public speaking and business development! He showed his interest to be responsible with me for this community.

fouad nasseredin speaking

We started looking for co-working places where we can have our meetings. We also did surveys to ask people about the suitable time they would like to have the regular meetings. Fouad and I had our first meeting end of July, 2015 where we put some guidelines and blueprints for the meetings and how they are organized!

The first Speakers Hub Meeting was on August 1st, 2015 and then started the Speakers Hub journey!